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AAG Energy and China Environmental Protection Foundation Donate Water Purifiers to Tu Wo Xiang School

Release date: 22-Dec-2017

 AAG Energy Holdings Limited (“AAG Energy”) in collaboration with China Environmental Protection Foundation (“CEPF”) donated four water purifiers to Tu Wo Xiang School in Qinshui County, Jincheng, Shanxi Province On 19 December, 2017, that students of the school can have clean water to drink. Mr. Yongqiang Hu, Chairman of Qinshui Federation of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Qiang Wang, Party Secretary in Tu Wo Xiang, Mr. Simon Ma, Project Support & Local Liaison Vice President of AAG Energy, Mr. Shijun Ma, Director of Shanxi Office of CEPF and Mr. Jinlong Li, Principal of Tu Wo Xiang School attended the donation ceremony.

Tu Wo Xiang School is in Qinshui Country where AAG Energy’s two CBM concessions are located. The school is composed with kindergarten, primary school and junior secondary school. and in all 138 students and teachers. There used to be only one small water purifier in the canteen shared by all 138 teachers and students, which could hardly meet the need. The water purifiers which AAG Energy and CEPF donated to the school can supply filtered drinking water for more than 200 people and the same time, and subsequent replacement filters and thermos mugs, all together ensure that the students and teachers have clean and warm water to drink during the cold winter. In the past, kindergarteners had to cross an open road to get to canteen for water, and now with a water dispenser in the classroom area they can have warm water without having to brave the cold. Mr. Jinlong Li, Principal of Tu Wo Xiang School, said, “AAG Energy and CEPF have not only helped solve the drinking water problem for the school, but have also given our children warmth and love and help them gain a good sense of hygiene and environmental protection.”

Mr. Simon Ma, Vice President of AAG Energy, said the Group is a leading CBM exploration and development company in China, and on top of providing clean energy, it is committed to honoring its corporate social responsibility and giving back to local communities, helping them achieve sustainable development with their economy, environment and ecology, whereas CEPF has been dedicated to environmental protection and charitable work, particularly water environment project in rural areas, and for Qinshui Country, the safety and protection of water resources has been a major concern, which is why AAG Energy has actively taken part in CEPF’s “Water Fund” project and made the donation to help give children an environment with access to water safe for drinking that they may grow up healthy.


Mr. Shijun Ma, Director of CEPF, said safe drinking water is vital to the healthy growth of children, yet the shortage of pure clean water is getting more and more serious, hence CEPF, as a national public fund under the Ministry of Environment Protection, has set up a dedicated water fund, whereas AAG Energy, in addition to providing clean energy to help the local community develop, has also been active in fulfilling its social responsibility, showing the community what a “good corporate citizen” is about. CEPF, he said, will work with more caring companies in Qinshui County on more charitable initiatives dealing with protection of water resources, water environment and water safety, etc.

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