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AAG Achieves Milestone of 5 Million Safe Man-Hours

Release date: 27-Dec-2017

On 25 December 2017, AAG has surpassed a milestone working 5 million man-hours, three years and 111 days without incurring any Lost Time Injury (LTI). This remarkable milestone of AAG’s operations is a result of unremitting effort and hard work of all staff and service providers alike.


HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is one of the AAG's core values, and we are committed to the goal of Zero Harm to people. Safety management requirements are reflected in every detail of the work during the production and operation process. We strictly abide by national laws and regulations, implement AAG's HSE management rules and regulations, conduct pre-job risk assessment and take effective risk control measures. Safety is always our top priority, and we continuously strive to improve employees' knowledge and awareness of safety as well as develop skills through conducting HSE campaigns, weekly and monthly inspections, monthly meetings, internal and external audit, safety training, a weekly toolbox talk to every employee and more. 


An atmosphere conducive to safety is created through the untiring efforts of employees at all levels. The safety awareness and safety behavior of employees is reflected by the attention to detail at work. This fully embodies AAG's good safety culture and team spirit and, as part of the Group’s social responsibility, it also provides a good foundation for sustainable development.


For now and for the future, AAG will not be complacent or relax, conversely, we will always be vigilant about health and safety in the workplace. Adhering to the concept of "safety first," all employees will continue to work together, pay closer attention to safety and make a concerted effort for continuous improvement and further successes in safety, and finally achieve Goal Zero, No Harm, No Leaks.


We are already well on the way to marking the next safety milestone!

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