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AAG CSR Statement

As a leading independent coal bed methane (CBM) producer focused on the development and value optimization of unconventional gas resources in China(CBM), AAG understands that it is our main objective to provide superior rates of return to shareholders’ investment and simultaneously shoulder our share of social and environmental responsibilities. AAG works with Chinese organizations at all levels to jointly address social, energy, and environmental challenges in order to make contributions to China’s economic growth by supplying clean and economically efficient energy to residential and industrial end-users through commercial development of CBM.



  • We are committed to adopting fair labor practices at our workplaces and will abide by all relevant laws and industry standards.
  • We are committed to preventing any work-related injuries, fatalities, or health impairments of employees and contractors.
  • We will form open and trustworthy relationships with all stakeholders to increase mutual understanding on matters of common concern.
  • We will strive to run our operations in social, responsible, sustainable, and environmental manners; thereby preventing or minimizing adverse impacts caused by our operations.
  • We are committed to providing effective training program for different levels of employees to enable them to reach their full potential, achieve job satisfaction and maximize their contribution to the company.


This corporate social responsibility will be reviewed regularly to reflect AAG’s commitment to, and growing understanding of, the development concept of corporate social responsibility in China.